--> ABSTRACT: Process-based Stochastic Modeling of Meandering Channelized Reservoirs, by Simon Lopez, Alain Galli, and Isabelle Cojan; #90906(2001)

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Simon Lopez1, Alain Galli1, Isabelle Cojan1

(1) Ecole des Mines de Paris, 77305 Fontainebleau, France

ABSTRACT: Process-based Stochastic Modeling of Meandering Channelized Reservoirs

As most stochastic models do not take sedimentary processes into account, they hardly succeed in producing realistic views of sand channelized deposits. Conversely, process-based models often lack the flexibility and generality of their stochastic counterparts. Our goal is then to combine both approaches to model meandering stream floodplain formation. We propose rules of floodplain evolution derived from the hydrological equations of channel mechanics governing meander bend migration and from experimental or observational data describing other dominant floodplain processes. The knowledge and understanding of the parameters governing these processes enables us to test their influence on the simulation of the floodplain development. In addition, by making some of them stochastic - Poissonian points simulation for overbank flows, erodibility considered as a regionalized variable, several distributions for river avulsion... - we propose multiple plausible realizations for the same floodplain deposits. These results can then be made consistent with the geological record, taking into consideration varying rates of accommodation and integrating detailed sedimentary objects. The resulting 3D model delivers: very realistic, rich and accurate 3D representation of the simulated floodplain; spatial distribution of sand bodies in reservoir units; connectivity of sand bodies and location of mud plugs.

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