--> ABSTRACT: GIS Enabled Data Quality in Large Areas, by Antonello Lilliu, Felipe Audemard, and Isabel Serrano; #90906(2001)

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Antonello Lilliu1, Felipe Audemard2, Isabel Serrano1

(1) PDVSA-EXPLORATION, Caracas, Venezuela

ABSTRACT: GIS Enabled Data Quality in Large Areas

Exploration activities in large areas (whole countries or areas composed by more than one basin), under the perspective of Information Technology, requires a two fold approach: first an appropriate setup of infrastructure and second high quality data, which despite its prime importance is often neglected.

An alternate approach to data quality is outlined, in the following terms: (A) A conceptual framework in which the main parameters for general data quality (Completeness, Integrity, Physiognomic and Intrinsic Quality, Availability and Usability) are defined with their corresponding examples. (B) The Usability concept is elaborated as a function of data types and evaluation matrixes for each data type and (C) The PDVSA implementation of a GIS to habilitate the conceptual framework previously defined is shown and discussed. Examples of data quality maps and matrixes are provided.

The use of this methodology has proven to be a powerful tool to qualify the data used in exploration activities, in terms of Classical Data Management as well as an indication of the programs of data acquisition and/or processing needed to proceed with future exploration in those large areas.

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