--> ABSTRACT: Petroleum Geology History in Selected State, by Gerald M. Friedman; #90906(2001)

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Gerald M. Friedman1

(1) Brooklyn College and Graduate School of the City University of New York, and Northeastern Science Foundation, Troy, NY

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Geology History in Selected State

Four states seen through the eyes of state geological survey's have been selected as examples of the history of petroleum geology: two mid-continent states (Oklahoma and Kansas) and two coastal states (California and New York).

Seeps of petroleum were known to Indians, and in the midcontinent giants of geology, including Sydney Power and Wallace Pratt, were involved in exploration early inn the 20th century.California has produced about 25 billion barrels of oil, but in New York mostly gas production and storage have been the hallmarks of the industry. The New York State Geological Survey is the oldest continuous survey in the United States, and its geologists were the early leaders in the science, including such eminent stalwarts as Amos Eaton, James Hall, Ebenezer Emmons, and in the 20th century George H. Chadwick.

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