--> ABSTRACT: Usable Management Tools for a More Sustainable Industry, by Beth R. Beloff and Earl R. Beaver; #90906(2001)

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Beth R. Beloff1, Earl R. Beaver2

(1) Bridges to Sustainability, Houston, TX
(2) Bridges to Sustainability

ABSTRACT: Usable Management Tools for a More Sustainable Industry

The advent of Sustainable Development has brought a need for new tools for corporate management. The tools are being utilized in decision making, whether it be for deciding on which technical opportunities to pursue for development, what capital projects to fund, what prices to charge to fully recover present and future costs, what distribution methods to use or which waste disposal choices to select.

The most useful of the tools are: Total Cost Assessment, Automated Lifecycle Inventory and Sustainability Metrics. Earlier versions of some tools were developed by the Center for Waste Reduction Technologies of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The tools have been refined and tested in many companies, including DuPont, Eastman Chemical, Formosa Plastics, Interface Carpets, International Paper, Monsanto, Owens Corning and SmithKline Beecham. The basic tools will be described, as will examples of applications.

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