--> ABSTRACT: Sustainability Metrics of Process Industry Performance, by Earl R. Beaver and Beth R. Beloff; #90906(2001)

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Earl R. Beaver1, Beth R. Beloff2

(1) Bridges to Sustainability, Chesterfield, MO
(2) Bridges to Sustainability

ABSTRACT: Sustainability Metrics of Process Industry Performance

There has been a lack of credible indicators to assess the state of a company, an industry or manufacturing sector with respect to performance in promoting sustainable development. Metrics must be established before progress can be measured and goals for improvement can be set. Usable metrics take into consideration material intensity, energy intensity, resource consumption and pollution dispersion; however, these measures alone are not sufficient indicators. The metrics must be complemented with other tools.

The design and preliminary testing of indicators by companies under the auspices of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy and the Center for Waste Reduction Technologies (CWRT) have yielded a good basis for establishing workable indicators of industrial performance along the themes of energy and material use, resource consumption and pollutant dispersion; however, these indicators have required refinement to ensure that they are simple, easily understood, reproducible, cost-effective in terms of data collection, and suitable for managerial decision making. In addition, work has been needed to adapt them from large to medium and smaller-sized companies.

Sustainability indicators and metrics have been developed and tested for use in management decision-making. A complementary Total Cost Assessment tool has been developed with focus on social costs an indicator of future costs companies will bear.

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