--> ABSTRACT: Workflow Frameworks As a Foundation For Change, by Ibraheem Assa'Adan, Brian Edward Toelle, and Raafat Saad; #90906(2001)

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Ibraheem Assa'Adan1, Brian Edward Toelle2, Raafat Saad3

(1) AGOC / AOC Joint Operations, Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia
(2) Schlumberger - GeoQuest, Houston, TX
(3) Schlumberger - GeoQuest, Al - Khobar, Saudi Arabia

ABSTRACT: Workflow Frameworks As a Foundation For Change

In February, 2000 the Arabian Oil Company (AOC) of Japan and Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) of Saudi Arabia entered into a Joint Petroleum Production Agreement (JPPOA) to undertake production operations in the offshore portion of the Partitioned Neutral Zone. Among the successes of the JPPOA implementation, the two companies agreed to transform Al Khafji Operations from a traditional Field Office into an integrated operations headquarters. This action entailed transferring E&P related processes from Tokyo to Al Khafji and establishing the required business processes and workflows. Joint Operations recognized that enhancing Field Office's technical capabilities was a prerequisite for capitalizing on recent E&P technology. The intended objectives included reductions in project cycle time, operations costs and improved productivity and product quality. Joint Operation's geoscientists and engineers would now be required to perform reservoir characterization studies in addition to their operational duties.

Joint Operations management initiated a number of projects to familiarize these professionals with the new work environment. A workflow assessment was conducted to ascertain what existing strengths could be capitalized upon and its results helped in planning asset team composition. This study also produced an optimized workflow framework that will be used as a blueprint when planning future reservoir studies. A training program, designed to enhance existing skill sets and develop an understanding of the new, recommended workflow, was also developed. This workflow assessment provided management with the best possible means of aligning the new process with their people, establishing the best possible foundation for the work environment change.

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