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2001-2002 AAPG Distinguished Lectures

Search and Discovery Article #90916 (2001)
Posted February 28, 2009


Structural Interpretation in the Upstream Petroleum Industry: Application of Global Experience and Key Technologies
    Clifford J. Ando

Carbonate Reservoir Models: Coupling Depositional Sequence and Pore Network Models in Static 3-D Realizations
    Paul D. Crevello

Turbidite and Deepwater Depositional Systems of Borneo: Foredeep Slope and Basin Floor Fan Systems
    Paul D. Crevello

Geologic Framework for the Tengiz and Korolev Fields, Kazakhstan-Carboniferous Isolated Carbonate Platform
    Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Stratigraphic Framework and New Exploration Concepts for the Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margin Carbonates of Texas
    Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

Defining "Sweet Spots" in Sedimentary Basins through Practical Application of Reservoir Quality Technology
    Stanley T. Paxton

Controls on Reservoir Distribution and Architecture in Slope Settings: Implications for the Global Deepwater Play
    Bradford E. Prather