--> --> ABSTRACT: Structural Setting And Exploration Opportunities In Western Albania, by T. Velaj, L. Goci, N. Brati, and A. Gucaj; #90915 (2000)

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VELAJ, T., Institute of Geological Research. Tirana, Albania; L. GOCI, N. BRATI, and A. GUCAJ, Geophysical Department, Tirana, Albania

ABSTRACT: Structural Setting And Exploration Opportunities In Western Albania

The western Albania is characterized by a great overthrust. of about 50-100 km. of Thrustbelt above the Apulian platform. The main detachment level is Upper Triassic evaporite.

The Thrustbelt is made up of several tectonic zones and belts, which are derived from the Apulian plate during the collision (J3-Cr1-N12s) and postcollision (N12s)-(N2p) stage. The imbricate style is predominant parallel to the duplex one. The great scale of thrusting westward of the belts (20-30 km) and the units (80-10 km) associated with backthrust (4-5) at their eastern flanks have caused masking of the perspective plays. The main oil fields discovered are in carbonate section (Cr2-Pg1-2) in anticline structures delivered by thrusting.

The Apulian platform represents a big monoclinal that dips under the Thrustbelt eastward. Its eastern most part is affected from the action of orogeny during the post-Pliocene stage.

Above this platform, for the Neogenic deposits (NI1b to N2p), the Periadriatic Depression is formed, which has been folded during Pliocene. These deposits are set transgressively in the two sides onto the platform and thrustbelt. In the base of piggyback basins of these deposits (N12t to N13), some oilfields (Patos-Marinza, etc) have been discovered. Several gas-oil fields, of structural stratigraphic trap, also have been discovered in the Neogenic folds.

Future hydrocarbon prospects:
1. The anticline carbonate structures in subthrust complex under the overthrusting of the belts and units of thrustbelt.
2. The deep carbonate structures below the main detachment level of thrustbelt in the Apulian platform.
3. The gas prospect within Periadriatic depression.

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