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The San Andreas Fault: A Revisit - Problems with Large-Scale Movements

WALROND, HENRY, Retired, Bakersfield, CA; JACK CLARE, Deceased

For many years, the late Jack Clare and I shared concerns about the thrust and conclusions of most San Andreas fault investigations. The emphasis of most studies has been to seek evidence to justify large lateral displacements, possibly ignoring conflicting data. This poster series presents a contrarian or original basin viewpoint based on field observations and mapping. We submit herewith several exhibits depicting the configuration of current basins, shorelines, and source match ups straddling the present trace of the San Andreas fault extending from the Santa Cruz-Palo Alto area to the Cuyama-southern San Joaquin basins in the south. We feel our cross-fault correlations show little need to interpret large-scale lateral offset that is commonly proposed in many and oftentimes conflicting reports. All references relating to postulated large strike-slip offsets are based on the generally accepted Gabilan-Temblor Range connection which most strike-slip investigators agree amounts to about 135 miles of separation since the Late Miocene age of 11 million years.

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