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Downhole Video: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

TAGUE, JAMES, Chevron Corp.

In the past few years, downhole video has emerged as a viable and cost-effective means for analyzing various wellbore problems. Despite this, numerous misconceptions concerning the cost, application, and complexity remain. In an effort to provide insight into the proper application and selection of this unique tool, the results of over 30 downhole video logs conducted by Chevron in the West Coalinga field will be presented and discussed. Examples will include images obtained of damaged liners, casing holes, and corrosion problems, as well as their application to remedial well work. Other examples will include images of the in-situ producing environment, in particular, the ability of downhole video to image fluid entry and the impact of various wellbore plugging agents including scale and organic precipitation. Finally, the total cost of running a video log and the steps necessary to prepare a well will be compared to more traditional means of logging. Overall, this paper should provide valuable insight for anyone considering the use of downhole video.



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