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Laboratory Studies of In-Depth Colloidal Dispersion Gel Technology for Daqing Oil Field


The Daqing oil field, the largest known reserve in China, consists of about 30 distinct producing zones, with characteristics varying throughout the field. Reserves of similar characteristics exist in California. Heterogeneity in this type of formation can limit ultimate oil recovery by waterflooding, due to early water breakthrough. In-depth colloidal dispersion gels (CDG's) are a chemical process technology that unifies permeability in heterogeneous reservoirs. To investigate the possibility of using in-depth colloidal dispersion gel (CDG) enhanced oil recovery technology for the Daqing Oil Field, a cooperative study conducted by TIORCO, INC., and the Daqing Petroleum Administrative Bureau, was initiated in 1997. The study included a training program to ensure consistent laboratory methods and techniques, and tests conducted in both laboratories. The lab work included screening tests to determine the best polymer and formulation to use for CDG's at Daqing, followed by !performance of the optimum CDG formulation in core experiments. Results from the static screening test and core displacement studies show that the CDG process can further increase the oil recovery over straight polymer flooding and, indeed, is a viable EOR process for the Daqing Oil Field. This paper reports the details of the laboratory studies and initial simulation results which have resulted in plans for a field pilot test. The exploratory process is useful for California operators as a template for designing similar processes in heterogeneous California reservoirs.



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