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Abstract: Optimized Completion Techniques in Jonah

LIMA, JOSEPH, Dowell Schlumberger Inc.

This paper presents the results of an optimized completion procedure used to stimulate the interbedded sand/shale sequences in the Lance formation, Jonah field, Sublette County, Wyoming. Low permeability and a small pay section across a large gross interval have made it difficult to complete wells in the Jonah Field and remain economic. To improve the economics, a new completion procedure was created, based on a plugless completion technique, to stimulate multiple sets of pay sands in a single day. By fracturing multiple stages per day, the economics improved; shorter gross intervals were stimulated and production efficiencies increased. The time from spud to sales was decreased by 33%, completion costs were reduced by 35%, and EURs increased by 20%.

The success of the new completion procedure came primarily from the careful application of data acquired throughout the field and extensive experience in the region. The new procedure is affecting plans for further development of the field.


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