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Abstract: Integrated Development Plan for a Naturally-Fractured Gas-Bearing Granite Reservoir

HAZLETT, W., Gemini Solutions Inc

This paper describes the characteristics of and development plans for a gas reservoir contained in a naturally-fractured granite formation. Over a several-year period, exploration and delineation wells were drilled. The paper will cover all aspects of the integrated geoscience/engineering development study, including seismic, core and fracture analyses, well logging, well testing, and reservoir simulation. In addition, we will include the offshore facilities, pipeline and onshore compression plans. The development plan was prepared by a team of engineers and geoscientists made up of operating company, contract, and consulting personnel.

Results, Observations and Conclusions: The result of the study is a development plan for a granite reservoir. We conclude that highly-fractured granite formations should not be overlooked as potential reservoirs. This granite reservoir should provide a steady gas supply to any one of several commercial manufacturing facilities planned for the area.

Applications: The results of this study can be extended to other here-to-for ignored naturally-fractured granite formations. In addition, the techniques and operation of the development team can be applied to other reservoir projects.

Technical Contributions: The paper will provide detailed data on the characteristics of a granite reservoir, and will discuss the assumptions made and reasons for making these assumptions.


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