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Abstract: An Integrated Team Approach Develops Conceptual Segment Simulation Model of Antelope Shale, Monument Junction Field

HAMPTON, THOMAS, Holditch Reservoir Technologies; NEAL LIVINGSTON, Nuevo Energy, Bakersfield, CA; GREG CRALEY, Neuvo Energy; TOM PINAULT, Nuevo Energy

This presentation summarizes an integrated team approach used to develop the conceptual segment simulation model to evaluate well spacing in the Antelope Shale, Monument Junction Field. The Monument Junction area was obtained by Nuevo Energy in the acquisition of Unocal's California properties. The field was first developed with a horizontal well, Twisselman #1. Further development occurred quickly after acquisition by Nuevo using fractured stimulation of vertical wells. The conceptual study was to step back and do a post analysis of this particular area which in turn is useful for further development of the Antelope Shale.

Each individual discipline as well as alliance relationship between the service company and the owner resulted in a useful conceptual segment simulation study. First, it developed a better understanding of the reservoir. It also identified important and missing data. Second, the model provided qualitative behavior, which can be used to evaluate well spacing and to plan a detailed simulation study. Third, some of the by-products of the study identified recompletion and infill locations in Monument Junction Field. Fourth, it provided useful information about the usefulness and cost of running a simulator on field-scale models.


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