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Abstract: THUMS Long Beach Company Piping System Strategy

BARKER, GARRY, ARCO Long Beach Inc., Long Beach, CA

THUMS Long Beach Company (THUMS) production operations have been active since 1965. A portion of the current piping systems date back to that time, while other systems have been added, modified, and replaced over the years. To achieve safe, consistent, maintainable, optimized, and code-rated piping systems for THUMS remaining field life, management requested that the surface facility piping systems and operating practices be reviewed. An in-house team was thus formed in October 1998. Following a research, development, and documentation phase, the team prepared the following deliverables to accomplish the team’s charter objectives.

Specifications:Piping System Material SpecificationsPiping Pressure Testing SpecificationPiping Repair SpecificationExternal Pipe Coating SpecificationPiping Abandonment Specification

Inspection, Failure Tracking, and Corrosion Monitoring:Piping Inspection ProgramPiping Inspection Work Plan Piping Drawings UpgradePiping Identification SystemPiping Failure Tracking SystemCorrosion Monitoring and Treatment Program

Optimization and Consolidation:Piping Optimization and Consolidation PlanPiping Replacement Project PlanPiping System Strategy Manual Rollout Plan

The combination of piping best practices from THUMS and from outside operations has resulted in a valuable document, which will serve THUMS well for the remaining life of the unit.

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