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ABSTRACT: Implementation of a modern earth science and engineering data management system

Wilson, Forrest , VICO, Jakarta, Indonesia

VICO Indonesia is the operator of four major gas fields in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, which contain in excess of 2,000 individual oil and gas reservoirs ranging in depth from 2,000 feet to 15,000 feet that have been penetrated by almost 500 wells. These reservoirs were deposited in a geologically complex, deltaic environment and vary considerably.

Due to the large number of wells and reservoirs and substantial operations, a computerized data manipulation system is an absolutely essential item in the proper management of the assets. The VICO Information Technology upgrade program has been designed and is currently being implemented to manage one of VICO's most important assets - its data. The upgrade is designed to optimize all areas of data necessary to run its operations, from accounting through equipment maintenance. For this paper, the areas within the E&P technical areas are emphasized. The business drivers of optimizing reserves remain the paramount company concern: to assist managing deliverability, well-bore optimization, and exploitation opportunities to fully develop the contract area's economic potential.

While VICO's upgrade is not yet complete, the process and system put in place is felt to be typical of what faces E&P companies (or significant divisions) in this effort. VICO hopes to report on the success and benefits, as well as the pitfalls encountered during the project.

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