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ABSTRACT: An integrated approach to field appraisal in Kerisi and Hiu fields, South Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Smith, Nick C.1, Gertjan Van Mechelen2, Thomas Ryer1, Mark Bagge1, Jurgen Meyer3, Mohamed Aly3, Roopa Gir3
(1) Conoco Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia 
(2) Conoco, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia 
(3) Schlumberger, Jakarta, Indonesia

Exploratory drilling of the Kerisi and Hiu structures in the South Natuna Sea has identified gas and oil bearing reservoirs in fluvial and lacustrine strata of the Miocene Gabus and Belut formations. Following appraisal, development of the fields is planned as part of a long term gas sales agreement with Singapore. Oil reservoirs will be developed if they are judged to be commercial.

This study shows how 3-D seismic interpretation coupled with a sedimentary model were used to define reservoir geometries and hydrocarbon distributions. Particularly valuable were seismic attribute analysis and maps produced by means of "Correlation Mapping" and " Seismic facies classification". These techniques facilitated identification of channel, overbank and shoreline sandstones. The images from seismic were compared to wireline log signatures and to modern day analogs to verify the dimensions and juxtaposition of the different reservoir paleoenvironments.

The amplitude anolmalies observed in these stratigraphic features coincide with the highest structural positions and their spatial limit coincide with depth contours. These features are interpreted to represent the gas-filled areas of the structures.

The ability to image the individual gas charged reservoirs has a significant impact on the development options and minimization of risk in future appraisal and development of the field.

Due to good quality seismic and the shallow depth of the reservoir, this study has been able to image reservoir geometry in finer detail than was possible previously. The resulting geological model can be extended to a number of nearby fields in South Natuna sea.

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