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ABSTRACT: Velocity-depth modeling Prestack Depth Migration (PSDM) at line ITS-95 (Case Study)

Seno Pudji, Sardjono, Denny Sulistiono, - Wahyudi , Sepuluh Nopember Institut of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia

Prestack Depth Migration (PSDM) is a process in correcting data seismic by doing migration before stack in depth domain. PSDM is a powerful tool for complex geology structure that has horizontal and vertical velocity variation. PSDM with finite difference method has been done by iterative process of velocity-depth model and in getting the right velocity-depth model we use depth-focusing analysis. Migration in depth domain exhibit the real geology condition more than in time domain. At line ITS, the result shows the better image closed to real geology condition than in time domain.

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