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ABSTRACT: Methane reservoir properties of Indonesian coals

Saghafi, Abouna1 and Dr. Hadiyanto2
(1) CSIRO, North Ryde, NSW, Australia 
(2) Directorate of Mineral Resources, Bandung, Indonesia

Some 22 coal samples from various coalfields of Indonesia in Sumatra and Kalamantan regions were studied for their methane storage, porosity and gas diffusion properties. A gravimetric method was used to measure methane adsorption isotherms for these coals at methane pressures ranging from zero to of 5 MPa gauge pressure. Coal diffusivity to methane was evaluated by allowing methane gas to traverse through a thin disk of coal under no gas pressure but high concentration gradient. Porosity was measured by injecting mercury to coal at very high pressures up to 400 Mpa. Proximate analyses for all coal samples were also undertaken.

The results of methane adsorption measurements showed that most of the studied Indonesian coal had relatively low methane storage capacity, the adsorbed gas volume was less than 10 m3/t for methane pressures of up to 5 MPa. Some coals from Sumatra South and from Central Kalimantan) showed higher adsorption capacity of 14 to 15 m3/t at methane gas pressure of ~50 atm.

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