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ABSTRACT: Pertamina Exploration Division seismic data archiving

Rusmiputro, Arie S. , Pertamina EP, Jakarta, Indonesia

After 6 years operating a dedicated seismic processing center starting in the year of 1990, divided into 2 projects, PERTAMINA EP gradually learned the many problems related to the seismic data handling. Due to the humidity within the country we experience a lot of sticky tapes, and then we start to apply to transcribe all the 9 track tapes data to the IBM-3480 cartridges and migrate the data format to SEG-Y for raw, stack and migrated seismic section data during the second 3 years of that period.

In conjunction to that period, PERTAMINA EP shift to the internal sesimic process-ing center run by their own geophysicists instead of the dedicated one. This appraoch is made possible due to the direction of all seismic processing tools in the industry going towards the interactive era. Within this stage PERTAMINA learned that putting all information necessary for seismic to the data header is a crucial decision for the continuity in the further stage of utilizing the seismic data.

At the same time with the internal seismic processing center, PERTAMINA EP start to applied the near-line-storage technology for handling the seismic tapes. This tech-nology becomes possible because of PERTAMINA seismic data have been migrated mostly to the 3480 cartridges. With the near-line-storage solution PERTAMINA transcribed all the data from IBM-3480 to the IBM-3950 cartridges. And a seismic processing center is the best tool to validate trace header.

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