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ABSTRACT: A Quality-Controlled Hydrodynamic Database for the NW Shelf of Australia

Otto, Claus1, Allison Hennig2, Najwa Yassir3, Valerie Roy2, Jim Underschultz2 (1) CSIRO Land and Water, Perth, Australia (2) CSIRO Petroleum, Perth, Australia (3) CSIRO Petroleum, Rijswijk, Netherlands

Through a three year consortium of 13 operators and 3 government bodies, CSIRO is in the final stages of creating a comprehensive, quality controlled (QC) pressure and geological database for the greater northwest Shelf of Australia. This database, which is linked to an analytical visualisation tool will provide companies with a method to objectively QC formation pressure data and a better understanding of the pressure regimes on the North West Shelf. It has also allowed the development of enhanced hydrodynamic methodologies based on integrated data evaluation.

Data quality control is of great importance to a study of this type. The quality of the pressure data is highly variable and a poor understanding of the reliability of a dataset can significantly effect the interpretation. To overcome this a rigorous QC methodology for each data type (DST, RFT, LOT, FIT) was established to allow direct comparison of different data points. Included as part of the data base are selected geological parameters (including lithology, temperature and salinity) which enable a more comprehensive evaluation of the current pressure regime. The database is equipped with a visualisation tool to directly interpret fluid gradients and evaluate the relationships between these parameters. Examples are given of the application of this type of database and the effects of QC, pressure data type and source on hydrodynamic data interpretation towards fault seal integrity, pressure compartments and fluid migration.

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