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ABSTRACT: Utilization of Methane and Injection of Carbon Dioxide into Abandoned Coal Mines

Ohga, Kotaro1, Kiyoshi Higuchi2 , (1) Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (2) Hokkaido University, Sapporo

Ishikari coal field is the most gassy coal field in Japan. There is no operating coal mine in this coal field. But there are so many abandon coal mines in the coal field. From these abandon coal mines, methane has emitted into the atmosphere. This is a significant problem for global warming. Therefore, we have planed to use the methane emitted from the abandon coal mines for small scale generator and inject the exhaust generated by the engines for electric generation into the gob area of the abandon coal mines. Injected carbon dioxide into the abandon coal mines is absorbed by coal remained in the gob area and replaces methane absorbed by coal. In order to make it clear , displacement tests of methane by carbon dioxide were carried out at the lower pressure( less than 2 atm.). In this paper, the results of the tests and outline of this project are described.

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