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ABSTRACT: Creative interdisciplinary team's effort results in economic development of a previously sub-economic field, South Zelda Field, offshore Southeast Sumatra

Oglesby, Chris A., Mark Schneider, Meilando Pringgadani, Warren Johnston, Charndra Maulana, Miguel M. Galuccio, Timothy Ridjab, Marlina Sambas , YPF Maxus Southeast Sumatra B.V, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

South Zelda field, offshore southeast Sumatra, Indonesia was successfully developed in 1998-1999 with the installation of a braced caisson, and the completion of eight development or delineation wells. At the October 1998 startup the original discovery-delineation wells began producing at 2,500 BOPD, and by March 1999 inclusion of the remaining wells raised the rate in excess of 7,000 BOPD. To date, the cumulative production from this field is 1.5 MMBO. This project was made unique through the creative combination of engineering and science that converted a ten-year old sub-commercial discovery into an economic development despite the lowest oil prices since the field's discovery and the lack of government incentives.

The South Zelda project was developed for $18MM compared to the $35MM estimated for the original conventional development in 1997. Savings resulted from innovative solutions implemented by the structural, drilling and production engineering teams and the reservoir geology/engineering group. Using a caisson structure versus the traditional 4-pile platform resulted in savings of $5.4MM, and tubular costs were lowered by $1MM utilizing smaller casing (7") and tubing (2-7/8"). Finally, a reservoir description project determined that the bulk of the reserves were in the Upper Zelda sandstones, while the Middle and Lower Zelda reservoirs were riskier and poorer performers. The decision to forego development of the deeper reservoirs resulted in a decrease in the required number of wells, while still allowing YPF/Maxus to capture 100% of the Upper Zelda reserves in the 1997 Plan of Development.

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