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ABSTRACT: Integrated Enhanced Reservoir Description; Bassein Formation, Panna Field, Western Offshore, India

Nagar, A.K.1, R.J. Singh2, R. Mahadevan2, Pramod Kumar2 , (1) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Dehradun, India (2) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

Heterogeneous reservoirs with complex pore geometry pose a unique problem in the path of reservoir characterisation. A simple K-0 cross plot is often unable to handle the dynamics of the reservoir in terms of determining permeability in uncored sections/wells of the reservoir. In many cases well positions are not scattered enough for extrapolation/interpolation of petrophysical properties throughout the reservoir. This factor imposes large amount of uncertainty in geostatistical simulation of reservoir away from wells.

The problem of complex pore geometry can be handled by adopting the technique of Enhanced Reservoir Description with some case specific modifications. Microscopic reservoir properties can be simulated in uncored sections of the reservoir by splicing them on logs recorded.

Due to exhaustive and dense nature, 3D seismic field can be used to extrapolate / interpolate microscopic reservoir properties. This can be done by translating these properties through intermediate mesoscopic log scale to megascopic seismic scale.

The present paper addresses both the problems with a case history of a western offshore carbonate reservoirs of India. In this particular reservoir, wells are located in a restricted part of the field, the pore system is complex and cores are scanty.

It demonstrates how the uncertainty of geostatistical simulation, technique in reservoir characterization, can be avoided by using 3D seismic.

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