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ABSTRACT: Sino - Russian gas pipeline projects

Lang, Simon , BP Amoco (China), Beijing, China

Asia and particularly North East Asian demand for natural gas has grown and will grow dramatically over the next decade. There are numerous LNG and pipeline gas projects chasing this demand. How will the Russian gas resources come to meet this market demand and how long will it take to do?

Russia boasts the largest natural gas reources in the world. In the Asian part of Russia there are some of the largest gas fields in the world and these are situated relatively close to the East Asian gas markets. Certainly closer than many of the LNG projects that have been developed. This paper will explore what are the particular isues that face the development of these gas reosurces. Why are they yet to be developed and what will it take to develop them and over what timeframe?

BP Amoco has a share in the E Siberian gas field of Kovitkinskoye (currently estimated at ca 35 tcf) and we are participating in a feasibility study with CNPC (PetroChina) as to how to bring this gas into China and the markets beyond. We will share our learning and understanding of the issues and challenges facing these projects from this project.

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