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ABSTRACT: Structural volume visualization - interpretation methodologies and workflows for 3-D seismic data interpreters

Kidd, Gerald and Huw James , Paradigm Geophysical, Houston, TX

Volume visualization and interpretation workflows can increase the efficiency and accuracy of 3-D regional structural interpretation and the delineation of subtle fault details. New procedures for addressing poor seismic data quality areas and working with multiple attribute volumes will be presented. Applications of quick visualization processes can reveal fault patterns and fault throw variations. These processes can show fault terminations and ramps at fault intersections. Visualization strategies for investigating compartmentalization and potential fault leak areas are useful both for field development and for reservoir characterization. The primary benefit that stems from volume visualization technology is that it allows easy 3-D evaluation of the subsurface. Considerable time savings can be realized because of the investigative nature of the workflows and the minimization of time consuming conventional mapping. The volume visualization and interpretation methods should benefit both new and experienced interpreters.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90913©2000 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia