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ABSTRACT: Caltex's Utilization of Immersive Visualization and Communication Centers (IVCCs), Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Heidrick, Tom L.1, Kenneth D. Kelsch1, Timothy J. Galvin2, Karsani Aulia3, Kevin D. Kimber2, Ellinda Eroza1, and Elsie Desianty2
(1) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Indonesia 
(2) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Duri, Indonesia 
(3) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Minas, Indonesia

In 1998-99, P. T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) was the first oil company outside North America and Europe to deploy wide screen Immersive Visualization & Communication Centers (IVCCs) to a foreign operation. Respective Central Sumatra Business Units (SBUs) believed that deployment was justified because the IVCCs would : 1) represent optimal collaborative, cross-functional, multi-purpose work environments; 2) help reduce 2-3-4D data volume interpretation cycle time; 3) facilitate rapid transfer and integration of the "Best" tools, practices and work processes from Chevron, Texaco and vendors; 4) provide earth scientists and engineers with supercomputing capabilities for conducting reservoir characterization/simulations studies; and 5) offer diverse working groups an environment conducive to improving the quality of business decisions while reducing the time required to obtain team-based decisions.

Schlumberger acted as the principal importation contractor whereas, Panoram Technologies (Burbank, CA) and Silicon Graphics (Mountain View, CA) were hardware providers. Each IVCC center contains: a Silicon Graphics Onxy II supercomputer with two graphic pipes, eight processors, eight gigabytes of ram, 300 gigabytes of local disk space and a GVR120E projection system utilizing three Electrohome projectors and a cylindrical 8'6" by 28'4" screen with 3600 x 1024 pixels of resolution.

Utilization, versatility, applicability, increase in productivity and related cost benefits for the two IVCCs, far exceeds our SBUs expectations. The planned bidirectional point-to-point connection linking the IVCCs via a 120 km fiber optic network will provide users with an efficient means of coordinating realtime videoconferences, conducting distance learning/training schools and providing an effective virtual team collaboration environment.

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