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ABSTRACT: Environmental and safety consciousness in the overlapping area of petroleum and coal mining industry; East Kalimantan case

Hamdani, Achmad1, Achmad Nurdin2, and Rochana Hassan3
(1) Pertamina - BPPKA, Jakarta, Indonesia 
(2) Exspan Kalimantan, Jakarta, Indonesia 
(3) Vico Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

East Kalimantan is one of the richest area in term of oil/gas and coal production. Petroleum companies have successfully developed this area as a second biggest producer in Indonesia for the few decades. When it was reported that oil/gas reserve will be finished, coal companies came in to the area. Some of them have successfully produce the coal. Since the authority issued a permit to explore the oil/gas and coal, the existence an overlapping area can't be avoided.

However, when coal exploration discover the economic reserve in the petroleum area, the over lapping area become a serious problem. The exploitation of coal mining activities use an open pit method, will make negative consequences to the environment and safety, however, the most critical aspects are shallow reserves as well as pipeline nearby exploitation area. The best solution for mutual benefits the following step are carried out. The mining concession area of Petroleum companies, in term of prospect (priority) should be devided into three categories. Red area or exploitation area : where there are wells, pipe line (flow line, trunk line) gathering station and other installation. Coal mining activities is as a prohibited area. Yellow area or prospect area : area under exploration, need time for considering to declare. The coal mining activities should wait the exploration result before entering the area. Green area or non prospect area : coal company can exploit the area, at any time.

If the oil/gas pipeline and installation or another production facilities was exist, both oil/gas and coal activities should have a good co-ordination. In order to meet win-win solution benefits' a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) should be issued prior to coal exploitation in the oil/gas prospect area. The validity of MOU is about 5 years and should be reviewed there after.

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