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ABSTRACT: PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia's Environmental and Technical Support Laboratory Data Management Project

Edwards, Gerald1, Tony C. Wong2, and Jean-Louis Chappe3
(1) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Rumbai - Pekanbaru, Indonesia
(2) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Duri - Pekanbaru, Indonesia 
(3) Schlumberger/GeoQuest, Jakarta, Indonesia

PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI), a production sharing contractor with Pertamina, explores for and develops oil and gas accumulations in central Sumatra, Indonesia. Its three laboratories and external contractors perform analyses on fluids, cores, and environmental water samples, and for product quality assurance. CPI established a Laboratory Data Management System because of the increasing data volume, need for standard data conventions and procedures, planned use of a geochemistry application, and for disaster recovery.

CPI had previously implemented an integrated earth sciences data management system based on a four-tier concept of databases. The Laboratory's data management needs conform to this concept. Because data from fluid, core and environmental analyses are intimately associated with earth sciences data, integration and sharing between the two data domains is required. The large volume of detailed analytical data matches the archival level of data management, while the advantage of providing access to it by the geochemistry application is evident.

Custom extensions required to accommodate the analytical data include additional data model objects, data entry forms, and database reports. A mechanism to exchange data between the archival database and the geochemistry application was developed. Conventions for names, sample points, and report formats have been implemented. The database is accessible to the customers via the CPI Intranet.

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