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ABSTRACT: PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia's Integrated Earth Sciences and Engineering Data Management Project

Edwards, Gerald1 and Victor Lunar2
(1) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Rumbai - Pekanbaru, Indonesia 
(2) Schlumberger/GeoQuest, Pekanbaru, Indonesia

PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia operates five Production Sharing Contract areas in central Sumatra, Indonesia, in which nearly 9,000 wells have been drilled and about 5,200 2-D seismic lines and 4,500 square kilometers of 3-D seismic data have been acquired, resulting in about 250,000 documents and 175,000 magnetic tapes. Primary drivers for data management modernization were the need for easily accessible, organized, validated geoscience data and project cycle time reduction. Project objectives include implementation of optimal data management practices using an industry standard data model and database linked to other databases and applications, and training of support personnel and users.

An interdisciplinary team established the three-tier, high-level structure of the system, formulated a new corporate data management philosophy and recommended software applications. Dual hardware installations connected via LANs and a WAN provide system and database redundancy. During part one, the then current data and work flows and areas for improvement, data disposition, system requirements and functionality were determined, initial database standards established, and a proof-of-concept database populated. During part two, database standards and policies and procedures were finalized, digital data collected, loaded into and validated in staging databases, validated data transferred into the corporate database, and support personnel and users trained. Links were made to other databases and applications. During part three, original format archival databases for well logs and seismic data were established, and a hard-copy data inventory and tracking database implemented.

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