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ABSTRACT: Rapid oil development: interdisciplinary approach to increasing production and reserves in established fields

Caughey, Charles A. , Gulf Indonesia Resources, Jakarta, Indonesia

A rapid oil development (ROD) project targeted 6 oilfields in the Corridor Block, South Sumatra Basin. To reverse a long standing production decline, a task force with geological, geophysical, and reservoir engineering expertise was assembled with free access to existing data. This team was encouraged to apply new concepts and technology with no allegiance to prior interpretations, and the results have been impressive. Study of seismic velocities and impedance more than doubled the reserves and production in Puyuh Field. Short radius horizontal drilling at Bentayan Field addressed a problem of underrunning water, and interpretation of newly reprocessed seismic data led to a significant new field extension. Innovative reservoir engineering identified an area of oil stranded beneath the expanding gas cap in the main carbonate reservoir at Ramba Field, and fracture stimulation opened development of an overlying clastic reservoir that previously lay dormant for more than 30 years. Infill drilling further increased production at Ramba and discovered a new pay sand.

The first dry hole recently ended a string of 40 wells drilled and successfully completed in the ROD program. Drilling continues, with opportunities still developing from the new concepts and creative applications of new technology at Ramba, Bentayan, and Puyuh. Drilling in several other fields resulted in mostly marginal wells, however, indicating that the success was not uniform. ROD studies of those fields failed to develop the new vision and technological innovation that brought major success in redevelopment via field extensions, improved recovery, and development of additional reservoirs.

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