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ABSTRACT: Why 4C data instead of 1 or 2 components?

Battié, John Erick1, and Ivar Gimse2
(1) PGS Reservoir, Oslo, Norway
(2) PGS Reservoir, Lysaker

All tasks that can be performed with 1 component data can be performed with 4 components plus much more. With 1 component or surface seismic one can make structural and stratigraphic interpretations as well as perform interpretive processing, such as AVO, trace inversion and seismic attribute calculations. With 4C one can improve seismic imaging, perform reservoir characterisation and help bore hole planning.

What do we need to accomplish all of these tasks? The requirements are task dependent. In some circumstances, all we need is to be able to image the reservoir. For reservoir characterisation, we would benefit from well control.

When considering acquiring a 4C survey, there are a number of questions one must ask; such as;

1) Will 4C data image what we are trying to evaluate? 2) Can 4C data be used to predict that we are trying to predict ? 3) Is 4C data worth the cost ?

To answer these questions, feasibility studies need to be conducted. Input to these studies are P and S wave velocity logs, a density log.

During this paper, we will be going through case histories to illustrate the uses of 4C data, for fluid and lithology prediction along with imaging.

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