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ABSTRACT: Geopronet - A Virtual Collaborative Tool for Reservoir Management Practice in CPI Visualization Center

Bakri, Isdjulaedi1, Karsani Aulia2, and Ananta Dwi Bodhitama2
(1) P.T Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Indonesia 
(2) PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Minas, Indonesia

To maintain its high-level of production, P.T Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) has applied secondary and tertiary recovery technologies to some of the fields. These technologies require that our earth scientists produce more detailed and accurate characterized reservoirs.

Rapid advances in computer technology has promote significant improvement in work processes involving the integration of 3D volume datasets. 3D visualization and earth modeling are technologies that are evolving to support the demand to efficiently interrogate large data volumes.

In March 1999 CPI installed two visualization centers called IVCCs (Immersive Visualization and Communication Centers). Justification for implementing this new technology was to: provide collaborative, cross-functional, multi-purpose work areas; reduce interpretation and interrogation cycle time; promote data integration which will improve production, increase recovery and maximize avails; and provide work environments conducive to improving the quality of business decisions.

Efficient data integration is required to maximize the utilization of the new IVCCs. To facilitate data integration in the centers, CPI developed an integrated Geoscience, Production and Engineering Information System by adapting a versatile Intranet tool called GeoProNet. This application provides the earth scientist with an easily accessible and friendly geoscience, production and engineering archival database. Data are primarily provided as graphics, maps, movies, and active 3D images. GeoProNet is also used to capture key points, interpretations and recommendations reached during collaborative sessions in the IVCC.

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