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ABSTRACT: Pre Tertiary reservoir as a hydrocarbon prospecting opportunity in the South Sumatra Basin, Western Indonesia in the third millennium

Artono, Edi1, and Budi Tamtomo2
(1) Exploration - EP Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia
(2) SBU - EP Pertamina, Prabumulih, Indonesia

At present day South Sumatra Basin is believed as a mature basin for hydrocarbon exploration. We agree with this statement when only dealing with the Tertiary Reservoir in Western Indonesia Basins.

Hydrocarbon prospecting of Basement Reservoir, later we called Pre Tertiary Reservoir, is began in the beginning of 1990's decade by Gulf Indonesia Resources (formerly Asamera Oil) in the South Sumatra Basin. They drilled hundreds meter thick column in fractured basement rocks. Until the end of the 2nd Millennium period they have succeed to discover economic gas in Fractured Basement Reservoir at Corridor Block and produced 300 MMCFGPD from weathered granite and andesite reservoirs. In the other area, Beringin-Kuang Block, Pertamina discovered oil and gas potential by drilled less then a hundred meters thick column only in fractured the Pre Tertiary Reservoir rocks.

The objective of this paper is to offer the Pre Tertiary Reservoir as a New Prospects Opportunity in the South Sumatra Basin in this New Millennium. Hydrocarbon could be trapped in the fractured reservoir, whatever the type of reservoir rocks are, it could be igneous or metasediment rocks. Wrench Fault System introduced as a Play Concept for defining and identifying the fracture zones.

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