--> 1999-2000 AAPG International Distinguished Lectures, Abstracts #90912 (2000).

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1999-2000 AAPG International Distinguished Lectures

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90912 (2000)
Posted April 30, 2009


Interaction of Folding, Sedimentation, and Erosion in Three Dimensions: A Study of the Sant Llorenc de Morunys Fault Propagation Fold, Southeast Pyrenees Using gOcad: Initial Results,
      Mary Ford

Sequence Stratigraphic Variability in Foreland Basins: An Example from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway of North America,
      Lee F. Krystinik and Beverly Blakeney DeJarnett

Finding Subtle Traps Using Sequence Stratigraphic and Synsedimentary Tectonic Analysis,
      Lee F. Krystinik and Richard H. Mead

Predicting Fractures 5 km Down: Integrated Reservoir Characterization to Site Horizontal Wells, UPR/DOE Rock Island 4-H Well,
      Lee F. Krystinik

Regional Depositional Setting and Diagenesis of Larger Foraminifera Nummulite Deposits: Implications for Exploration and Development,
      Robert Loucks

Paleocave Systems: Origins, Burial-Depth Modifications, Spatial Complexity, and Reservoir Implications,
      Robert Loucks

4-D Analysis of Extensional Fault Systems in Rift Basins, Ken McClay,
      Ken McClay

3-D Analog Modeling of Releasing and Restraining Stepovers in Strike-Slip Fault Systems,
      Ken McClay

Tectonic Evolution of the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez Rift Systems,
      Ken McClay

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems in Terms of Global Tectonic Cycles,
      Frank J. Picha

Exploration for Hydrocarbons Under Thrust Belts--A Challenging Frontier,
      Frank J. Picha

Paleogene Valleys of Northern Tethyan Margins and Their Hydrocarbon Potential,
      Frank J. Picha

Beyond the Sequence Stratigraphy Paradigm: Learning to Exploit High-Resolution Data,
      Henry W. Posamentier