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CHUNJU, HUANG, KAIYUAN, CHEN, WANZHONG, SHI, China Univ. of Geosciences, Faculty of Earth Resources, Wuhan, China

ABSTRACT: Application High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic to the Periodicities of Structure Activity of Diapir in the Center Sag of Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea

The Yinggehai Basin is characterized by high thermal gradients and overpressure. The diapir structure zone contains rich resources of oil and gas. However, so far the periodicities of structure activity of diapir in Yinggehai Basin have not been cleared. The purpose of this (Begin page 1862) paper is to make clear this problem and find the evidences. Through using the high-resolution sequence stratigraphic interpretation horizon flattened and pre-stack depth migration of seismic section, and analyzing fluid container parameters, the distribution of source rock and the basic periodicities of diapir activity was determined. After precisely interpreted reflection termination and studied the forming procession of the diapir structure, the activities of the diapir are characterized by multi-source, multi-episode, different periodicity, different step and pile up in vertical section. The multi-source rock and the special structural thermal system of super-high temperature and overpressure in Yinggehai Basin make the diapir be characterized by fluid flowing. Through analyzing the result of simulation the diapir activities, I am surely they have certain relation between the diapir activity and the petroleum accumulation, the multi-episodic activities of diapir lead to the multiepisodic injection of petroleum.

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