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BAKARDJIEV, IVAYLO N., Sofia University, Department of Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria

ABSTRACT: Application of Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation for Petroleum Play Assessment of the Mesozoic Sequences in the Southern Moesian Platform Margin

The territory of Bulgaria is located on the European continental margin, and covers parts of the northern periphery of the Alpine orogen and its foreland. Three major tectonic units are recognized: the Moesian Platform, the Alpine thrust Balkan belt and a system of Tertiary, extensional basins.

Most of oil and gas discoveries in Bulgaria are located in the transition zone between the platform margin and the stable platform, and in the frontal thrust Balkan zone. The Southern Moesian Platform margin is considering to be the main petroleum exploration area in Bulgaria. A lot of wells and seismic data were received from large exploration works.

The Moesian Platform forms part of the northern PeriTethyan shelf system. Its southern margin was repeatedly affected by Mesozoic rifting cycles, interrupted and followed by compressional events. In the present-day geological structure of Bulgaria the southern platform margin is W-E trending 2040 km wide subsided strip, where increase the thicknesses of, the three major sequences: Triassic, Lower-Middle Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous, separated by regional unconformities. Moreover in the adjacent large eastern Balkan-Forebalkan zone are widespread thick Carnian evaporite deposits with salt tectonics.

The purpose of my project is to make seismic stratigraphic interpretation of about 50 more regional cross-lines from recent high-quality reflection seismic surveys after 1985, and to assess the potential of the petroleum system and plays.

Through this modern hydrocarbon play concept and new assessment I hope to suggest more effective ways for farther petroleum exploration within the sweep of the Triassic evaporite basin in Eastern Bulgaria.

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