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ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Identification through Temperature Anomaly Mapping

FONS, LLOYD, Lloyd Fons Exploration, Houston, Texas; JOSEPH DONOVAN, DTB Enterprises, Houston, Texas

The authors in this paper will present a method whereby Hydrocarbons have and can be identified through the use of Mapping the Temperature Anomalies inside and outside Oil and Gas Fields. The anomalies occur naturally do to the extreme differences in Thermal Conductivity's that are present in the subsurface region.

The authors will present laboratory testing of the effects of Thermal Conductivity as heat passes upwardly through hydrocarbon bearing zones and non-hydrocarbon bearing zones. Additionally field studies will be presented in support of these laboratory tests. Predictions of potential commercial production, when using this method, have proven 75% successful.

The authors will offer in this paper three (3) Case Studies where this method was either the primary technology or the sole technology used in the decision making process for the election to drill up a prospect.

This method has been successfully used as a Pre-seismic screening tool, a corroboration of seismic data, a delineation of field tool, and a first step in exploring. Uses of all of the above will be offered.

The method described will allow the Geologist to make decisions in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of today's conventional methods.



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