--> Abstract: Fracture Autopicking and 3D Visualization for Image Logs, by Haiqing Wu; #90914(2000)

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Haiqing Wu1
(1) Chevron Petroleum Technology Company

Abstract: Fracture autopicking and 3d visualization for image logs

An automatic image interpretation, analysis, and visualization tool has been developed recently for borehole image logs such as CAST, EMI, FMI, FMS, UBI, etc. for these objectives:

  • Significant reduction in effort and time currently required for interactive interpretation of borehole images;
  • Reduction of the interpretation inconsistency and uncertainty caused by non-unique criteria, individuals’ knowledge, differences among interpreters, and other influences; and
  • Better interpretation for poor image quality.

The application does the following jobs automatically: picking geological events such as fracture, fault, bed, drilling induced feature; 2D and 3D display of interpreted geological events; enhancement of image and geological events; identifying fracture types and sets; data analyses; tracking image quality and interpretation uncertainty; and extrapolation of fracture network away from wellbore.

The comparison of manual and automatic interpretations with examples from the Lost Hills field shows the advantages of the new technology.

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