--> Abstract: Petrobras R&D in Deep and Ultra-Deepwater Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation in the Brazilian Marginal Basins, by I. Varela, M. R. Mello, and M. Assayag; #90914(2000)

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I. Varela1, M.R. Mello1, M. Assayag1
(1) Cidade Universit√°ria, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil

Abstract: Petrobras R&D in deep and ultra-deepwater petroleum exploration and exploitation in the Brazilian marginal basins

The generation and application of innovative technologies by Petrobras Research & Development Center have been a very significant factor in the process of development of oil exploration and exploitation industry-related technology in Brazil.

In the last decade, the needs of generation of deep and ultra-deepwater exploration and production competitive state-of-the-art technology, led to the implementation of a strategic program involving he development of Centres of Excellence in the Petrobras R&D Center. Several themes were selected involving, among others, geochemistry, basin modeling, seismic 3D-visualization and ultra-deep water exploitation technologies. Such program aiming to increase a competitive advantage of applied research in the areas of exploration, exploitation and drilling have been successfully concluded between 1990 and 200, with more than 100 million dollars invested by Petrobras.

Key technology issues in the ultra-deepwater scenario, such as extended reach wells in shallow turbidite reservoirs, subsea equipment innovation, stationary production units with new mooring systems and multiphase metering will have a dynamic impact of applied research, in the search and production of the supergiants accumulation to be found by Petrobras in the next millennium.

The most outstanding result of the generation and application of innovative technologies by Petrobras R & D Center is to keep its leading role in ultra-deep water petroleum exploration and exploitation.

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