--> --> Abstract: Reservoir Characterization and Development Plan of the Wasson San Andres Denver Unit Gas Cap, by Raul Valdez, Mark S. Coalmer, James W. Collier, Jim C. Cooper, Chia Fu F. Hsu, Jose G. Voto, and J. B. Ward; #90914(2000)

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Raul Valdez1, Mark S. Coalmer1, James W. Collier2, Jim C. Cooper1, Chia Fu F. Hsu1, Jose G. Voto1, J.B. Ward1
(1) Altura Energy Ltd, Houston, TX
(2) Altura Energy Ltd, Houston, Australia

Abstract: Reservoir characterization and development plan of the Wasson San Andres Denver Unit gas cap

A plan has been developed to produce the Wasson San Andres Denver Unit Gas Cap reserves without adversely effecting the existing tertiary, C02 flood of the oil column. This paper: (1) describes the reservoir characterization studies validating hydraulic isolation between the uppermost San Andres gas bearing zones and oil-bearing zones currently under water and C02 flooding, (2) details the field testing programs, including extensive PTA work and fracture control modeling, that proved technical viability of producing the gas cap without effecting the oil column, (3) details the Wasson field, 3-D, fully compositional, simulation model used for predicting effects on the oil column and developing gas production forecasts and (4) highlights plans for construction and installation of gas gathering facilities adjoined with the existing Denver Unit C02 recovery plant and/or third party processors. The development plan was approved April 14, 1998 by the Texas Railroad Commission, who agrees that no loss in oil recovery will result from producing the stratigraphic gas-bearing zone termed the First Porosity in the Wasson San Andres formation.

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