--> --> Abstract: Case History West Cameron 76 Field, by M. Rouen, S. McGovern, and T. Addington; #90914(2000)

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M. Rouen1, S. McGovern1, T. Addington1
(1) CNG Producing Company, New Orleans, LA

Abstract: Case History West Cameron 76 Field

Case History of the West Cameron Block 76 Field Maurice Rouen, Steve McGovern, Tim Addington, CNG Producing Company, 1450 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

The West Cameron 76 field is in a Marg A producing trend, where sands are found in an upper slope paleo environment. Originally mapped on 2D seismic data, the field was originally thought to be 150 bcf and 975,000 barrels of condensate. After the A-1 and A-2 wells were drilled, encountering 193' and 81' of gas respectively, the field was remapped utilizing Fairfield's 3-D seismic.

Additional wells were drilled and an additional platform set before an AVO study was completed. The B-3 well became the key to understanding the field. The B-3 was drilled into an expanded Marg A-3 interval, with a common gas-water contact. This and other information gained from the B-3, integrated with the reprocessed longer offset data, made field definition possible for the first time.

The B-4 and B-5 wells were then drilled, encountering 285' and 298' of gas respectively. With the new geological and geophysical integration, the field size and daily production have more than doubled. The field is now producing at ±100 MMCFg per day.

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