--> --> Abstract: RockCamp: Professional Development in Geology for West Virginia K-12 Educators, by T. E. Repine, Deb Hemler, and Robert Behling; #90914(2000)

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T.E. Repine1, Deb Hemler2, Robert Behling3
(1) West Virginia Geological Survey, Morgantown, WV
(2) West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
(3) West Virginia University

Abstract: RockCamp: Professional development in geology for West Virginia K-12 educators

Funded by the West Virginia Geological Survey, RockCamp introduces teachers to geology and ideas on how it may be taught in the K-12 classroom. Introductory sessions are 13 day residency events embracing a thematic and discovery oriented pedagogy. Basic earth science content is obtained through hands-on classroom and field experiences which stimulates creative understanding of how geology may be taught. The result is the inclusion of more earth science concepts in both science and non-science curricula.

Striving to be more than a "one-shot workshop," RockCamp offers chances for continuing education once the introductory phase is complete. As they learn more about their local geology they begin to plan, then conduct, a geologic workshop and field trip for peers. This session is called RockCamp II. Successful completion of RockCamp and Rock Camp II makes participants eligible for extended, field oriented learning experiences.

RockCamp teachers are continually encouraged to adapt newly acquired knowledge to their students. This process produces new ideas and new twists on old ideas. Participants are provided with fully-funded chances to professionally share their ideas with peers at state and national meetings. They have collaborated in the production and publication of the "Adaptive Earth Science Activities" book and nine teachers have had their ideas published in peer-reviewed journals.

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