--> Abstract: KBRAR® -- A Three-Dimensional Model of Cyclic Sedimentation on Carbonate Platforms, by Ron Pan; #90914(2000)

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Ron Pan1
(1) Earth Systems Consulting Inc, Cincinnati, OH

Abstract: KBRAR® -- A Three-dimensional Model of Cyclic Sedimentation on Carbonate Platforms

This presentation demonstrates the application of KBRAR®, a Knowledge-based Resource Assessment and Reusability system with graphical user interface (GUI) developed by Earth Systems Consulting Inc., to a 3-dimensional modeling of carbonate platform deposits. The input data are sediment production (including rate, color,composition, texture, structure, diversity of organisms and ecological data), sea level fluctuations, sediment transport, and subsidence of the platform. The input data will be analyzed and validated visually through the computer screen. Once the data get verified, a 3-dimensional carbonate platform will display on the screen in terms of the input data and the knowledge the system has collected. The model can be easily observed from different angles. Different synthetic stratigraphic cross-sections can be obtained easily between any two points horizontally. A synthetic strategraphic column will be produced when two points specified vertically. A well-formatted, editable document will display on the screen as user clicks on the report button. The report covers the details of depositional model, including typical cross-sections and stratigraphic columns, lithofacies and biofacies combinations, as well as the evolution of the carbonate platform during the given time period. The input parameters can be easily manipulated to illustrate the variation of carbonate depositional environment, such as water salinity, water depth, light, organisms, percentage of terrigenous materials, and wind or/and wave strength. The results of this modeling, including the report and graphics, can be saved to files with various common computer file formats. KBRAR® system is applicable to model both modern and ancient carbonate platform deposits.

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