--> Abstract: Examples of MET Surface Geochemical Surveys, by Doug M. Munnecke; #90914(2000)

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Doug M. Munnecke1
(1) Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc, San Carlos, CA

Abstract: Examples of MET surface geochemical surveys

EBT has conducted approximately 5 million acres of surface geochemical surveys based on the use of microbes in the near surface soil or marine sediments as indicators of hydrocarbon microseeps. This technology is referred to as Microbial Exploration Technology, or the MET process. To date, 141 exploratory wells have been drilled in MET surveyed areas, 47 of these were recommended based on the MET survey data and 35 wells were completed for an overall 74% success rate.

Several examples of the effectiveness of MET surveys will be shown. The first example will involve a 121,000 acre survey in Saskatchewan where 74 wells were drilled in the surveyed area. Results of pre survey and post survey drilling will be shown as well as cumulative oil production.

A second example will involve a MET survey over two oil fields that were subsequently developed with over 24 horizontal wells positioned and drilled based on 16 square miles of 3 D seismic. The MET survey correlation to these wells will be shown and production data reviewed.

A third survey will be reviewed where over 12 shallow gas wells were drilled and completed after the MET survey had been completed.

EBT has developed a unique method of correlating MET survey results to results of over 700 wells, which allows us to indicate the estimated percent probability of drilling success in a surveyed area. This approach will be reviewed during the presentation.

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