--> Abstract: Integrated Analysis of Baffles and Barriers in the Southern Gas Basin, of the North Sea, by R. J. Knipe, O. Werngren, Q. J. Fisher, G. Jones, S. A. Digert, A Kyei, E. McAllister, J. R. Porter, E. Edwards, and D. Henson; #90914(2000)

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R.J. Knipe1, O. Werngren2, Q.J. Fisher1, G. Jones1, S.A. Digert2, A Kyei2, E. McAllister1, J.R. Porter1, E. Edwards1, D. Henson1
(1) Rock Deformation Research, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
(2) Arco UK, Guildford, United Kingdom

Abstract: Integrated analysis of baffles and barriers in the southern gas basin, of the North Sea

An integrated approach to the characterisation of fault related baffles and barriers to hydrocarbon flow has been conducted in the Rotliegendes reservoirs of the Thames area of the Southern North Sea. The fault seal / leak assessment has involved the amalgamation of: seismic data on fault array development; characterisation of the population and distribution of sub-seismic faults; and detailed micro-structural and petrophysical property analysis of fault rocks. These data have been amalgamated into an evaluation of the impact of different geo-histories on the creation and stability of fault baffles / barriers. This approach has proved successful, allowed prediction of fault sealing capacity, formed the basis new reservoir modelling and lead to new field development plans. This presentation will review methodologies used in fault analysis and will illustrate how detailed analysis of fault transmissibility has contributed to an extended field life. In addition, the availability of regional data; 13 3D seismic data sets; core material (45 wells) through faulted reservoir; as well as production and well test data, has allowed the recognition of new geohistory controls on fault behaviour. The work programme has defined the critical fault activity histories and properties that control accumulation size, fault leakage and compartmentalisation. Application of this knowledge to existing 'problems' has demonstrated the important contribution detailed integrated studies can make to improved recovery in complex reservoirs.

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