--> Abstract: Integrating Research Data and Models into K-16 Geoscience Education, by Kent C. Kirkby, Paul L. Morin, and Dirk Slawinski; #90914(2000)

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Kent C. Kirkby1, Paul L. Morin1, Dirk Slawinski1
(1) University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Abstract: Integrating research data and models into K-16 geoscience education

One of the greatest hurdles to successfully integrating research and education is creating a format that allows complex mathematical models and immense data sets to be understood and manipulated by teachers and students in an educational setting. The University of Minnesota has embarked on a NSF-funded program to develop three- and four-dimensional computer visualizations of these materials that run on relatively low end personal computers. The visualizations are supported by age-appropriate text geared towards national science education standards.

The computer visualizations are set into interactive self-guided student tutorials, but can be also be used as stand-alone classroom illustrations. Almost any quantitative database, such as earthquake locations, tomography, topography, temperature, precipitation or organic productivity can be selected and rendered as virtual three- and four-dimensional images that can manipulated by students. These visualizations allow educators and students to use and explore data that have previously only been available in research settings. Dissemination by CD-ROM allows these visualizations to be used in settings that lack Internet access.

Visualization materials have already been integrated into undergraduate course materials at the University of Minnesota, the AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, as well as AGIote s EarthComm project and K-12 teacher enhancement workshops. Next summer, the University of Minnesota will offer workshops and courses for middle school and high school science educators built around the visualizations.

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