--> --> Abstract: Earth Science Week, Opportunities for k-12 Outreach, by Julia A. Jackson; #90914(2000)

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Julia A. Jackson1
(1) American Geological Institute, Alexandria, VA

Abstract: Earth science week, opportunities for k-12 outreach

The popularity of Earth Science Week is creating an unprecedented opportunity for geoscientists to develop effective outreach programs in their communities for grades K-12. Each year during the second week of October, the Earth sciences are center stage in a growing number of communities and countries as schools, libraries, nature centers, museums, and geoscience organizations focus attention on the contributions the Earth sciences bring to our daily lives. The American Geological Institute (AGI), a federation of 34 professional geoscience societies, launched Earth Science Week in the United States in 1998.

More than 15,000 geoscientists, teachers, librarians, naturalists, museum curators, and scout leaders participated in the first Earth Science Week. The governors of 39 states and several city mayors issued Earth Science Week proclamations, and on October 9, President Clinton signed an Earth Science Week message encouraging all citizens to participate. Throughout the country, the AGI member societies and other geoscience and educational organizations and institutions sponsored Earth Science Week events and activities. By Earth Science Week ‘99, October 10-16, U.S. programs had expanded and evolved and international interest had grown dramatically. In a number of states and communities geoscientists participating in Earth Science Week are developing ongoing programs and working with K-12 teachers and students throughout the year.

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