--> --> Abstract: Grayson Field Jurassic Smackover Limestone Oil Field, Columbia County, AR; T16S;R21W, by Kevin B. Hill and William R. Meaney; #90914(2000)

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Kevin B. Hill1, William R. Meaney2
(1) Hill Geophysical Consulting, Shreveport, LA
(2) Anderson Oil and Gas, Shreveport, LA

Abstract: Grayson Field Jurassic Smackover Limestone Oil Field, Columbia County, AR; T16S;R21W

Grayson Field is a combination structural and stratigraphic trap in the Jurassic Smackover limestone. The field covers approximately 700 acres with estimated reserves of 40-45 MMBO in place with ultimate recovery estimated to be 15 MMBO. The field was discovered in 1993 using 2d seismic data. A 3d seismic program was acquired in early 1994 with field parameters designed to optimize high frequency. Original processing yielded high frequency which allowed successful wells to be drilled in the best structural positions. Reprocessing of the seismic data was done in the fall of 1999 at 1 mil sampling to obtain better stratigraphic and structural information. Full integration of thirteen (13) well logs from the field were tied to the 3d data for high frequency processing using pre-stack time migration, refraction statics, inversion, and AVO. Key reservoir parameters from the well logs were cross-plotted against different seismic attributes. These cross-plots showed that the 3d data could be used to define the reservoir's characteristics with an extremely high reliability. Horizontal exploitation wells are being drilled using the information from the 3d seismic data to drill into the best reservoir rock. This paper will show the Grayson 3d data set, cross-plots, and attributes that have allowed the operator to drill into the optimum parts of the reservoir.

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