--> Abstract: Seismic Interpretation and 3D Modeling, Offshore Togo, Africa, by Max D. Gray, Jason M. Francis, Rene O. Thomsen, and Tom Ziegler; #90914(2000)

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Max D. Gray1, Jason M. Francis2, Rene O. Thomsen1, Tom Ziegler3
(1) Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
(2) Texas A&M University
(3) Petroleum Geo-Services, Inc, London, England

Abstract: Seismic interpretation and 3D modeling, Offshore Togo, Africa

The recent acquisition of 3100km2 of 3D seismic data by PGS Exploration in Offshore Togo, Africa, makes possible interpretation and subsequent 3D basin modeling for the evaluation of hydrocarbon potential.

Offshore Togo is part of the Dahomey Embayment, with the associated basins a result of the continental rifting of the South American and African plates. The structural history of the Dahomey Embayment is quite complex and reflects this initial rifting as well as subsequent subsidence events. Fracture zones in the area, with related stress-strain characteristics, have formed many elaborate and exciting structures in this area. The resulting stratigraphic units are stacked, folded and separated by unconformities.

The results of a quick-look seismic interpretation by PGS, suggest numerous direct hydrocarbon indicators such as flat-spots and/or bright spots associated with structures in this region. The work presented here includes the development of play concepts from tectono-stratigraphic relationships within a sequence stratigraphic framework and a detailed evaluation of hydrocarbon indicators using AVO, bright spot and flat-spot analysis.

The 3D, basin scale, fluid flow modeling will include hydrocarbon generation, migration, and accumulation, with a focus on establishing a ranking of both potential play and field areas for exploration.

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